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Yesterday Max Lynds and Sue McKay were invited to join a small group of producers to preview the anticipated move to a State Based Marketplace for 2022. Approval from CMS is expected by mid-August. These are details we wanted to share with members:

Current Mainers enrolled through the Federal Marketplace will be automatically moved to the State Platform. However, Maine carriers will also be introducing their new plan designs in 2022. That means members will be cross-walked to the plan closest to their current plan within that carriers new list of plan designs. They will need to set up a new account on the State Marketplace website to change plans or update information. Phone enrollments and service options will still be available, but through a Maine call center.

For producers who are using a different platform such as HealthSherpa and 1 HR to enroll members into the Federal Marketplace, they will have to use the new state web site. These arrangements will not work under the new State of Maine system.

Brokers will need to take the full training and certifications provided by the State, which will be available shortly after CMS approves Maine’s program.

While approval is expected, it is not a sure thing until CMS signs off. If that sign off does not happen, producers would then need to take the Healthcare.gov training as in the past. Otherwise, only brokers selling in other states that remain with the Federal Marketplace would take that training in addition to the Mine certifications.

Wow, welcome to the new world of Healthcare Insurance coverage in Maine!

The State will be notifying producers and the public once they have approval. NAIFA-Maine will continue to monitor this process and pass along information as it becomes available.  


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