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NAIFA-Maine Bylaws

By NAIFA-Maine on 5/30/23 10:21 AM

Bylaws are an important part of any organization, but sometimes having them available for our members isn't easy. If you haven't read the NAIFA-Maine Chapter Bylaws recently, here is your chance. As always, please reach out to info@naifa-me.org with any questions or concerns.

NAIFA-Maine Sales Congress Recap

By NAIFA-Maine on 10/3/22 2:57 PM

NAIFA-Maine held its annual Sales Congress on September 19th & 20th in Augusta. It was so good to reconnect with each other and catch up after more than two years without an in-person meeting. Please visit our Facebook page to see highlights. Don't forget to "like" our page to stay up to date with all things NAIFA-Maine!

NAIFA-Maine 2022 Sales congress

By NAIFA-Maine on 9/1/22 2:56 PM

NAIFA-Maine is back IN PERSON for our 2022 Sales Congress! Join us next month as we reconnect face to face for the first time since 2020 and gather with NAIFA friends old and new to network, socialize, and learn.

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FAQs for Maine Merged ACA Market and Clear Choice Plans

By NAIFA-Maine on 4/25/22 2:01 PM

Timeline for Form/Rate Review
1. When are form and rate SERFF submissions due? The deadline is anticipated to be June 27 with final approval in mid-September. The Bureau will issue a Bulletin shortly to finalize the timeline and filing requirements.

2. Should carriers submit form and rate filings for a merged market assuming CMS approval? Yes, if CMS does not approve the 1332 amendment, carriers will be able to resubmit off-Marketplace individual and all small group plans and rates.  Marketplace plans will not change but the rates may be revised at that time.

On March 28, 2022, Maine's waiver amendment application was deemed to be complete. Federal public comments on Maine's waiver amendment request will be accepted through April26, 2022.The Bureau is anticipating approval within the rate review time-period.

3. What assumptions should be used for MGARA? Attachment points to use for rate filings will be announced following the recommendation from the MGARA Board.

4. How will the transition to merged market work for MGARA?  The tail of non-calendar-year 2022small-group plans is expressly excluded by Subsection 6(1) and 24-A M.R.S. § 3958(1)(A-1)–coverage is triggered by issue date under the statute, and status as a “pooled market health plan” under Rule856.  Risk Adjustment is calendar-year rather than policy-year.

Clear Choice Plans
5. May forms may be filed to accommodate small group and individual differences such as applications or certificates? Yes

Rule 851,Paragraph 5(1)(E) states: “differences in the administrative provisions of the policy forms issued to individuals and the coverage documents for the same plan issued to small employers and plan participants, if the variations in contract terms are reasonably related to the differences in the mode of coverage, and do not affect the plan benefits or premium rates except to the extent expressly permitted by this rule or required by controlling law.”  This might include offering an EAP to employers and a different but comparable wellness program to individuals. The Bureau’s suggestion for “right to shop” provisions is required to include it in both individual and group HSA plans, but optional in the non-HSA plans. The” right to shop” must be the same in both individual and small group plans.

6. Are there required naming conventions? Carriers may distinguish individual and small group in that version of the plan name. Clear Choice must specifically state “Clear Choice” and not CC.CSR variation plans must be distinguished.  For example:[Clear Choice Bronze 4500 etc.][company preferred name/branding][CSR 94/CSR 87/CSR 73/CSR 100/CSR LCS].

State Legislative Bill Tracker

By NAIFA-Maine on 2/8/22 2:29 PM

Did you know that NAIFA-Maine's Lobbyist, Dan Bernier, is tracking a total of 36 bills for us this session? Dan is watching out for NAIFA and for our clients on Main Street.

NAIFA-Maine 2022 Board of Directors

By NAIFA-Maine on 1/28/22 4:42 PM

The Board of Directors for the Maine chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) has been announced.

Notice of Public Meeting on Clear Choice Standardized Plan Designs

By NAIFA-Maine on 11/23/21 1:43 PM

A notice of a stakeholder meeting is available on the Maine Bureau of Insurance website:

Maine Insurance Data Security Act #2264

By Eric A. Cioppa, Maine Superintendent on 10/7/21 12:51 PM

Bulletin 462 - Maine Insurance Data Security Act

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CoverMe.Gov's Own Health Insurance Marketplace

By NAIFA-Maine on 9/7/21 3:27 PM

On Behalf of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services:

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NAIFA-Maine Virtual Sales Congress

By NAIFA-Maine on 8/30/21 12:25 PM

Join NAIFA-Maine VIRTUALLY for our 2021 Sales Congress. Over the course of 3 days, September 14th, 21st, and 28th, we'll hear from 6 wonderful speakers covering an array of topics. Can't wait to see you there! 


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